Balu is a homeware brand that specialises in bespoke designs for both your table and walls, as well as seasonal collections that add a unique twist to every home.

Designed and produced in the UK, BALUs' collection reflects Anna's quest for a quirky elegance that encourages stress-free hosting mixed with meaningful and stylish homes. Trained as a graphic designer, Anna's seasonal style stands out from the crowd by curating original tablescapes and walls that spark conversation. These unique pieces are the must-have addition to the return of the social agenda this summer.


Who is BALU

The idea of BALU came about in the heart of lockdown. Starved of restaurants and galleries - the need to spice up a home became greater than ever. So began the collaging. Anna, a graphic designer based in London, spent days working together with brands as a full-time freelancer, and the evenings, creating wacky tongue in cheek art.

The more she worked with clients on artwork, the more she recognised the desire to capture a person, theme or memory in a homeware item… which got her thinking.

Before the whirlwind that was 2020, Anna’s favourite thing was to host friends and family at her home in Brixton. Whilst cooking is not her strong suit, decorating the table was always an essential touch to every lunch or dinner. Despite this love, Anna found it increasingly difficult to find the perfect tableware to fit every occasion. This frustration, mixed with the growing love of collaging and personalised design lead to BALU.

For all bespoke work, graphic design and art please get in touch! We would love to catch up and bring that long awaited idea to life.